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NamingContext Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for NamingContext:

GenObject Counted

Public Types

typedef std::string NameComponent
typedef std::string ClassNameComponent
typedef std::vector< BindingBindingList

Public Methods

 NamingContext ()
virtual ~NamingContext ()
virtual bool bind (const Name &name, GenObject *object)
virtual GenObjectresolve (const Name &name) const
virtual NamingContext * resolve_context (const Name &name) const
virtual NamingContext * resolve_context (str_arg name) const
virtual NamingContext * bind_new_context (const Name &name)
virtual NamingContext * new_context () const
virtual ClassNameComponent context (GenObject *object) const
virtual bool is_binded (const Name &name) const
virtual void list (BindingList &bindings) const
void binded (std::vector< std::string > &list) const
bool unbind (const Name &name)

Protected Methods

void eat_one_name_component (const Name &name_in, Name &name_out) const
Bindingnew_binding ()
NamingContext * find_context_from_component (const NameComponent &name) const
Bindingfind_binding_from_component (const NameComponent &name) const
Bindingfind_binding_from_name (const Name &name) const

Protected Attributes

BindingList bindings_


class NamingLibrary

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef std::vector<Binding> NamingContext::BindingList

Definition at line 59 of file naming_context.h.

typedef std::string NamingContext::ClassNameComponent

Definition at line 46 of file naming_context.h.

typedef std::string NamingContext::NameComponent

Definition at line 45 of file naming_context.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


virtual NamingContext::~NamingContext   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool NamingContext::bind const Name   name,
GenObject   object

virtual NamingContext* NamingContext::bind_new_context const Name   name [virtual]

void NamingContext::binded std::vector< std::string > &    list const

virtual ClassNameComponent NamingContext::context GenObject   object const [virtual]

return the binding_context for the GenObject object

void NamingContext::eat_one_name_component const Name   name_in,
Name   name_out
const [protected]

Binding* NamingContext::find_binding_from_component const NameComponent   name const [protected]

Binding* NamingContext::find_binding_from_name const Name   name const [protected]

NamingContext* NamingContext::find_context_from_component const NameComponent   name const [protected]

virtual bool NamingContext::is_binded const Name   name const [virtual]

virtual void NamingContext::list BindingList   bindings const [virtual]

Binding& NamingContext::new_binding   [protected]

virtual NamingContext* NamingContext::new_context   const [virtual]

virtual GenObject* NamingContext::resolve const Name   name const [virtual]

virtual NamingContext* NamingContext::resolve_context str_arg    name const [virtual]

virtual NamingContext* NamingContext::resolve_context const Name   name const [virtual]

bool NamingContext::unbind const Name   name

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class NamingLibrary [friend]

Definition at line 82 of file naming_context.h.

Field Documentation

BindingList NamingContext::bindings_ [protected]

Definition at line 81 of file naming_context.h.

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