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GenObject Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for GenObject:

Counted Factory GenAction NamingContext Writer GenericFactory< T > BlocDefinition BreakAction CallAction CloseFileAction CommentBlocAction ContinueAction EqualAction EvalAction ExecAction ExitAction FunctionAction HelpAction IfBase IncVarAction ListActions LoadSrcAction MathAction OpenFileAction PrintAction PrintAllActionsAction RandomAction ReturnAction SetAction SwitchAction ThrowAction TimerDisplayAction TimerSetAction TimerStartAction TimerStopAction TokenGetAction TokenizeAction TokenSiseAction WriteFileAction CoutWriter FileWriter

Detailed Description

Base class for all objects of high granularity (for example, those that should be accessible from the Naming Library).
See also:

Definition at line 50 of file gen_object.h.

Public Methods

virtual ~GenObject ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual GenObject::~GenObject   [virtual]

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