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string_utils.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  type_traits


 MAP_TYPE (int)
 MAP_TYPE (short)
 MAP_TYPE (unsigned int)
 MAP_TYPE (double)
 MAP_TYPE (float)
 MAP_TYPE (bool)
 MAP_TYPE (char)
template<class T> std::string convert_to_string (T t)
template<> std::string convert_to_string< double > (double t)
template<> std::string convert_to_string< float > (float t)
template<class T> T decode (const std::string &s)
std::string trim_ends (const std::string &s)

Function Documentation

template<class T>
END_LIB_NAMESPACE BEGIN_LIB_NAMESPACE std::string convert_to_string   t

Definition at line 85 of file string_utils.h.

std::string convert_to_string< double > double    t

std::string convert_to_string< float > float    t

template<class T>
T decode const std::string &    s

Definition at line 97 of file string_utils.h.

MAP_TYPE char   

MAP_TYPE bool   

MAP_TYPE float   

MAP_TYPE double   

MAP_TYPE unsigned    int

MAP_TYPE short   

MAP_TYPE int   

std::string trim_ends const std::string &    s

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