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ProgressBar Class Reference

Detailed Description

Class to display a progress bar in a console

Definition at line 40 of file progress_bar.h.

Public Methods

 ProgressBar (const std::string title, double lower, double upper, int nbr)
void start ()
void stop ()
void advance ()
void advance_to (double value)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ProgressBar::ProgressBar const std::string    title,
double    lower,
double    upper,
int    nbr


title the title of the progress bar
lower the lower bound of the progress, usually it is 0
upper the upper bound of the progress
nbr the number of tickers to display
    Example: <pre>
      int begin = 0 ;
      int end   = 100 ;
      ProgressBar p("Progress:", begin, end, 30) ;
      p.start() ;
      for (int i = begin; i < end; i++) {
        // your stuff here
        p.advance() ;
      p.stop() ;

      p.start() ;
      for (int i = begin; i < end; i++) {
        // your stuff here
        p.advance_to(i) ; // do the same thing
      p.stop() ;

Member Function Documentation

void ProgressBar::advance  

Call this method every time you increment your loop

void ProgressBar::advance_to double    value

void ProgressBar::start  

Start the progress. Display the title and the initial empty bar

void ProgressBar::stop  

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