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IfStream Class Reference

Public Methods

 IfStream ()
 IfStream (const IfStream &)
 IfStream (const std::string &)
 IfStream (const char *)
virtual ~IfStream ()
IfStream & operator= (const IfStream &)
IfStream & getline (char *, int size, char _delim='\n')
int line_count () const
const std::string & cur_line () const
const std::string & file_name () const
int bad () const
int eof ()
Loggerget_logger () const
void set_logger (Logger *log)
void message (const std::string &, bool extra=true) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


IfStream::IfStream const IfStream &   

IfStream::IfStream const std::string &   

IfStream::IfStream const char *   

virtual IfStream::~IfStream   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int IfStream::bad   const

const std::string & IfStream::cur_line   const

Definition at line 75 of file if_stream.h.

int IfStream::eof  

const std::string & IfStream::file_name   const

Definition at line 79 of file if_stream.h.

Logger* IfStream::get_logger   const

IfStream& IfStream::getline char *   ,
int    size,
char    _delim = '\n'

int IfStream::line_count   const

Definition at line 71 of file if_stream.h.

void IfStream::message const std::string &   ,
bool    extra = true

IfStream& IfStream::operator= const IfStream &   

void IfStream::set_logger Logger   log

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