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CommandArgs Class Reference

Detailed Description

Useful class to process arguments from a command line

Definition at line 37 of file command_args.h.

Public Methods

 CommandArgs (int argc, char **argv)
 CommandArgs (char *argv)
 ~CommandArgs ()
int excess_arguments ()
CommandArgs & min (double dValue)
CommandArgs & max (double dValue)
CommandArgs & inf (double dValue)
CommandArgs & sup (double dValue)
int get_bool (char *acName)
int get_bool (char *acName, bool &rbValue)
int get_int (char *acName, int &riValue)
int get_float (char *acName, float &rfValue)
int get_double (char *acName, double &rdValue)
int get_string (char *acName, char *&racValue)
int get_filename (char *&racName)
const char * last_error ()

Protected Methods

void initialize ()

Protected Attributes

int m_iQuantity
char ** m_apcArgument
char * m_acCmdline
bool * m_abUsed
double m_dSmall
double m_dLarge
bool m_bMinSet
bool m_bMaxSet
bool m_bInfSet
bool m_bSupSet
const char * m_acLastError

Static Protected Attributes

char ms_acOptionNotFound []
char ms_acArgumentRequired []
char ms_acArgumentOutOfRange []
char ms_acFilenameNotFound []

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CommandArgs::CommandArgs int    argc,
char **    argv

CommandArgs::CommandArgs char *    argv


Member Function Documentation

int CommandArgs::excess_arguments  

int CommandArgs::get_bool char *    acName,
bool &    rbValue

int CommandArgs::get_bool char *    acName

int CommandArgs::get_double char *    acName,
double &    rdValue

int CommandArgs::get_filename char *&    racName

int CommandArgs::get_float char *    acName,
float &    rfValue

int CommandArgs::get_int char *    acName,
int &    riValue

int CommandArgs::get_string char *    acName,
char *&    racValue

CommandArgs& CommandArgs::inf double    dValue

void CommandArgs::initialize   [protected]

const char* CommandArgs::last_error  

CommandArgs& CommandArgs::max double    dValue

CommandArgs& CommandArgs::min double    dValue

CommandArgs& CommandArgs::sup double    dValue

Field Documentation

bool* CommandArgs::m_abUsed [protected]

Definition at line 80 of file command_args.h.

char* CommandArgs::m_acCmdline [protected]

Definition at line 79 of file command_args.h.

const char* CommandArgs::m_acLastError [protected]

Definition at line 91 of file command_args.h.

char** CommandArgs::m_apcArgument [protected]

Definition at line 78 of file command_args.h.

bool CommandArgs::m_bInfSet [protected]

Definition at line 87 of file command_args.h.

bool CommandArgs::m_bMaxSet [protected]

Definition at line 86 of file command_args.h.

bool CommandArgs::m_bMinSet [protected]

Definition at line 85 of file command_args.h.

bool CommandArgs::m_bSupSet [protected]

Definition at line 88 of file command_args.h.

double CommandArgs::m_dLarge [protected]

Definition at line 84 of file command_args.h.

double CommandArgs::m_dSmall [protected]

Definition at line 83 of file command_args.h.

int CommandArgs::m_iQuantity [protected]

Definition at line 77 of file command_args.h.

char CommandArgs::ms_acArgumentOutOfRange[] [static, protected]

Definition at line 94 of file command_args.h.

char CommandArgs::ms_acArgumentRequired[] [static, protected]

Definition at line 93 of file command_args.h.

char CommandArgs::ms_acFilenameNotFound[] [static, protected]

Definition at line 95 of file command_args.h.

char CommandArgs::ms_acOptionNotFound[] [static, protected]

Definition at line 92 of file command_args.h.

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