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BlocDefinitionAction Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for BlocDefinitionAction:

BlocDefinition GenAction GenObject Counted

Detailed Description

Used to define a bloc definition within { and }. Example:
       set $a 10
     % the following produces an error
     println $a

Definition at line 47 of file bloc_definition_action.h.

Public Methods

virtual RET_TYPE set_parameters (IfStream *, const std::string &params)
virtual RET_TYPE execute ()
virtual std::string args () const
virtual std::string command_name () const

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::string BlocDefinitionAction::args   const [virtual]

Implements GenAction.

virtual std::string BlocDefinitionAction::command_name   const [virtual]

Implements GenAction.

virtual RET_TYPE BlocDefinitionAction::execute   [virtual]

Implements GenAction.

virtual RET_TYPE BlocDefinitionAction::set_parameters IfStream  ,
const std::string &    params

Implements GenAction.

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